Easter Seals Blake Foundation serves disabled & disadvantaged individuals and their families throughout Southern Arizona. 

Mandy Hendricks | 527 Main St. Safford, AZ 85547 | 928-428-5990 | Fax: 928-428-0127 | mhendricks@blake.easterseals.com|

Graham County Rehabilitation Center (GCRC) is a non-profit organization serving individuals with developmental disabilities and/or physical limitations living in Graham County

Lane Hegel| 504 W. Main St. PO Box 870 Safford, AZ. 85548 | 928-428-7968 | admin@gcrcsafford.org |

Our purpose is to provide victims of domestic violence and sexual assault short-term emergency housing, transitional housing, transportation, services for residential and nonresidential participants, and community outreach services.

Amanda Salinas | P.O. Box 1202, Safford, AZ 85548 | 928-348-9104 | Fax: 928-424-4438 | Toll Free 1-888-269-9104 | amanda@mgsh.net |

The San Carlo Apache Tribe transit services are provided under the name of Nnee Bich'o Nii Services.  In Apache it means "Helping the People" which is the most important reason for our transportation services.  Transit services are available to reservation residents who are employed, low-income, elderly, disabled or others desiring rides.  Transit is provided to attend to out-of-home activities that may not be available otherwise.  Nnee Bich'o Nii Services provide a viable method of attending to individual and family needs.

Bernadette Kniffin, Director| P.O. Box #871 Peridot,   AZ   85542 | Phone (928) 475-5011|bkniffin@tanf.scat-nsn.gov |

Peer-led support and rehabilitation programs serving adults with mental health disabilities. Transportation services include trips to scheduled medical appointments, and to employment-related and program-sponsored social and educational activities. 

Steven Nath | 1933 Frontage Rd. Ste.104.  Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 | (520) 452-0080 | Toll Free: 888-459-2624 | stevenath@hopearizona.org


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