A desire to meet the transit/transportation needs of the region’s citizens in a safe, reliable, accessible manner that maximizes the use of resources and minimizes the cost to provide said services. To view our current Transportation Coordination Plan, please click here.

Within the SEAGO region (Cochise, Santa Cruz, Graham and Greenlee Counties), local governments and human services providers have come together in an effort to maximize scarce resources and build efficiencies that will better serve the residents of the area. In that same spirit, providers of public transit programs and special needs transportation services have conceived a coordination plan as a means to establish and improve transit and transportation services for the four county region. 
The Region VI Transit/Transportation Coordination Group coordinates their efforts and communications in order to provide information and guidance to federal, state and local government officials as well as transportation / transit service providers for the purposes of policy development, decision making, and investments needed to create greater efficiencies, build capacities and address gaps in service.